Massage Therapy

Which Massage is for you?

The Sporty Massage
Enter the next level of fitness with a Deep Tissue massage. Realign deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to help relieve chronically tense areas. Regain flexibility with an Active Isolated Stretching massage, intense relaxation and reduction of pain.

The Nature Massage
Harness the strength and energy of the forest to provide a deep and heated massage with a Warm Stone or Warm Bamboo massage. Replenish your body with with a Mud Detox or Body Wrap, using the purest substances of the Earth.

The Healing Massage
Encourage natural drainage from the lymph and tissue space with the Lymphatic Drainage massage. Experience the gentle vacuum therapy of Medi-Cupping that uses cups to pull toxins from within the tissue, which is very helpful with those suffering from Fibromyalsia.

The Cosmic Massage
Heal using your personal life force through Chakra, Aviana Touch Therapy, and Reiki; during Energy Work, the massage therapist transfers the energy of from the universe into the clients body. Acupressure uses light touch to open the bodies energy meridians, much like acupuncture but without the needles.

The Ultimate Beauty Massage
Uplifting, soothing, and renewing. Experience absolute tranquility with our delightful massage and Spa Packages. Our Mini, Maxi, and Ultimate Spas are a luxurious and well deserved treat and a perfect respite from the winter cold!

The Pregnancy Massage
Our private rooms include a massage table with areas removed to accommodate both mother and unborn child. Pregnancy Massage is the perfect way to relieve discomfort of pregnancy and completely relax.

Which massage therapist is best for you?

Lisa Torbert

Lydia Maitre

Lisa Johnson

Tanya Spiezo
Types of Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage
Uses a system of long gliding strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles. Swedish can be a relatively vigorous form of massage, sometimes with a great deal of joint movement included.

Deep Tissue Massage
Used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction, on a focused problem area. This is applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers of the muscle than Swedish massage. Deep doesn't necessarily mean "hard." With the proper technique, muscles deep in the body can be reached with a minimum of pressure.

Warm Bamboo Massage
Perfect for those who love to try new and exciting experiences. Bamboo rollers and curved bamboo tools are heated to roll away the tension trapped in your muscles. There is even a bamboo roller used to relax headache and facial tension. This ancient technique has been adapted to our modern spa to combine deep-tissue massage and heat therapy. Some recipients of bamboo massage have described the experience as releasing a whole-body tingling or warming sensation.

Warm Stone Therapy Massage
Warm Stone Massage is one of the most relaxing and soothing massages offered today. Warm Stone Massage is an ancient healing technique using smooth Balsalt Lava rocks that are heated, oiled, and massaged on the body. The effects of the warm oiled stones soothe tired muscles, as they absorb the heat. The energy of the stones relaxes and rejuvenates the body. Clients always leave feeling completely relaxed and renewed after a warm stone massage.

Pregnancy Massage
Throughout history in tribal and traditional societies, massage was an integral part of a woman's pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience. Typically the women of the community gathered together to support her and her baby with herbal medicines, massage, physical and emotional support.

Pregnancy massage is a technique specifically designed for the childbearing year that is safe and effective for easing common discomforts of pregnancy as well as promoting maternal and fetal well being.

Pregnancy is a time your entire body adapts to the new life growing within you. A support system is important since two (or more) lives now depend on your health and vitality. Pregnancy massage is a great way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy. The caring touch of massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive and accepting way.

Massage can help you prepare for the birthing process in several ways:
  • release chronic tension in lower back, abdomen & inner thighs
  • increases your awareness of tension & teaches you to consciously release
  • increase your sense of confidence & self-control
  • practice focus & relaxation breathing techniques during your massage
Just taking time out for a massage can improve your outlook in life, making everything seem easier during this time of many changes.

Benefits of Massage:
  • relaxes muscles, can correct damaged muscles
  • improves circulation without increasing heart load
  • increases range of motion
  • helps obtain a feeling of connectedness
  • relieves pain from muscle tension, fractures, sprains, sciatica, and stiff joints
  • shortens recovery time from muscular strain
  • flushes lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes from tissues
  • stretches the ligaments and tendons, keeping them supple
  • stimulates the skin and nervous system while relaxing the nerves, and
  • helps reduce emotional and physical stress