Mud Detox

What is Medi-Body Detoxing?
Premier Medi-Body detoxing is a system that draws out deeply embedded toxins from interference sites in the body.  It quickly eliminates buildup of these hidden toxins that are causing sickness, pain, disease or discomfort in the body. 

Example:  Whiplash from a car accident may be the root cause of a thyroid issue.  An interference site usually will reflect close to an area of trauma, causing sickness to an organ near the site.  

What are Interference sites?
A key factor overlooked in literally every disease or sickness is hidden deep-seated toxicity in the ground substance of the body causing interference sites.  The interference fields include any area where the skin has been cut or pierced. This includes C-sections, episiotomy, any operation, vaccination, allergy testing, ear or body piercings, tattoos, and dental surgeries. Other areas to detox may include injuries from a fall or accident, such as a broken bone, whiplash from a car accident, a burn, sprain, radiation, and surgically-added metal objects.  These interference sites prevent normal nerve and energy flow, making it a toxic dump area where toxins build up around the site.  It seems logically that when we injury an area, even as a child, that area becomes weaker over time if we do not remove the toxins.

What happens During a Detox Appointment?
Detoxing is one of the most effective parts to healing.  The first part of detoxing is to test the areas of trauma and find out where they are
reflecting to.  You will then be giving a detoxifying drink to help keep your body strong during the detox. You will be instructed to dress in a gown we provide and to lay down. The detox mud will then be applied to two sites on the body; the injury and the reflecting point.  An earthwrappe, an infrared heating pad, will then be applied on top of one or both of the sites to speed up the detoxifying process.  You will be covered up so that you can remain warm and comfortable during your detox.

What is the Mud Made of?
The Premier Medi-Body pack  promotes cleansing and bio-energetic flow.  It contains quantum-state "mud” comprised of unheated volcanic clay, peat magma and Indian shilaji, which initiates a deep intrinsic cleansing effect.

Directions for Your Detox Appointment?
Please wear or bring older clothes as the mud may leave a permanent stain.  Make sure that you will be able to go home and rest one to two hours after your detox.  On days when the sun is out, it is preferred that you go outside and sit in the sun for ten minutes, even if the weather is cooler.  You will be instructed to sit in silence being at least 6 feet from any exterior wall of your home.

How many Detox Appointments will I need?
This will depend on how much trauma you have been exposed to in your lifetime.  Your QRA practitioner will have you fill out a scar trauma sheet to determine the extent of your trauma history.  A plan will then be prepared for you, setting up detox sessions that fit your budget.

Will I Have Any Detox Symptoms?
Many people do experience detox symptoms such as:
Very tired
Sick to stomach
Flu like symptoms