QRA Testing

What is QRA?

You will learn how your individual body communicates its needs through the language of QRA.  Our bodies have a magnificent internal intelligence that can rejuvenate the body and return the endurance, vitality, peak mental and physical performance and health that we all enjoyed in our younger years.  Your body can talk to you through an amazing bio-communication technique called QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis).  QRA is a highly effective system of testing the energetic status of the body’s key organ and gland control points using medically accepted reflex points.  QRA has the ability to identify and eliminate the "root of the problem”.  It includes specific testing techniques to find hidden infections, hormone imbalance, thyroid imbalance, digestive problems, skin rashes, and heart trouble, just to name a few.  QRA can also find deficiencies in Vitamins such as B, D and Calcium.    You will receive a book with directions, recipes, and information describing diseases, inflammation, infections, toxic fat, toxic teeth, digestion, hormone balance, supplements, and what is going on with our food.....toxins. 

The Truth about Toxins

  QRA treatments are a natural way of boosting up the immune system so it can safely remove a lifetime of toxins from our bodies.  These toxins can come from eating nutrient deficient foods such as: junk foods, fast foods, pre-packaged foods, meats and dairy products containing antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones.  It may also come from bad lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol consumption,  and/or consuming illegal and prescription medications. Surgical procedures can also leave hidden scars and toxins that impede optimal functioning. Environmental toxins such as heavy metals, air, water, land and chemical pollution and vector borne illnesses such as lyme disease or babesia, are just few of the many other environmental dangers that we are potentially exposed to on a regular basis.  When we stimulate our bodies through chemicalized, "dead” supplements, improper food choices, and medical drugs, we actually deplete nutrients and electrons needed to protect us from the chaotic and unhealthy conditions of our modern world, including the electromagnet field of smart phones, computers, microwaves, and other electronic devices.

Your first appointment will consist of four individual tests:

1. QRA test
2. pH test
3. Hydration test
4. Body type test

What you will need to bring with you
You will need to collect your first morning urine when you first get up in the morning.  Bring just a small amount in a sealed container.  No eating, drinking or exercising before collection.  Please wear comfortable clothing for the QRA testing.  You will be asked to turn off your cell phone and remove it from your pockets.  You will also need to take off metal jewelry and watches, as they can interfere with the testing.

When coming in for a re-test, clients are asked to please refrain from taking any prescribed supplements the day of the appointment, because the supplements will interfere with the testing process.

Your QRA Session
Your QRA Practitioner will test acupuncture meridians on the surface of your body.  You will need to have strength in your hands or call us ahead of time so that we may provide a surrogate to help assist during the test.  You will be asked to create an "O-ring” with your fingers and place the finger of your other hand directly onto the control points.  This technique is painless, simple and easy to perform.  Once the practitioner has determined which organs/glands need help, they will test nutrients or formulas to find the exact match your body needs.  Your body will actually pick the supplements and the amounts needed to nourish unhealthy organs and glands.  We have worked with over 200 chronically ill, fatigued, and client suffering from pain and disease.  We teach everyone the secrets of regeneration and healing though organic supplementation, external detoxing and proper nutrition.

Your QRA Practitioners

Lisa Torbert is a QRA Level III practitioner, the highest level attainable. She has spent years working with different patients who come to her for a variety of illness and disease. They all have one thing in common: they seek to get better through a wholesome and holistic approach, in order to avoid the side effects of prescriptions or the permanence of surgeries and other operations. In addition to QRA, Lisa is a licensed therapist, performs hypnotherapy, and teaches yoga.

LaDonna Graham is a QRA practitioner. She integrates her QRA experience and certification with her colon hydrotherapy practice. In addition to her work at Heather’s Holistic Health, LaDonna graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. She continues to keep herself abreast in the latest methods in natural health.


Ann Gravatt, ERYT-200, is a Registered National Yoga Alliance Teacher with 15 years experience, and also a Level 2 QRA practitioner, another modality that aligns with yoga to enhance, promote and provide education to clients desiring to improve their health through better eating, lifestyle and supplementation. "QRA is among the gold standard for holistic health and healing. I believe in it and incorporate QRA strategies in my own life”.