Brianna Scordato (LMT)


Brianna is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Delaware. Born and raised in Florida, she graduated from Bene’s Career Academy for Massage Therapy and is nationally certified. Brianna practiced therapeutic massage therapy at a local chiropractic office before joining Heathers! She specializes in Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Stretching. Her massages focus on a therapeutic aspect. She loves combining multiple techniques during her massages to release toxins, tension, adhesions, pain, and edema; increase range of motion; improve posture and gait, among many other positive aspects of massage, in her clients. Brianna has an incredible passion for helping people and loves seeing the change in her clients that her massage provides. She loves helping others feel their best, improve their overall health, and live a life with reduced physical or mental pain.

Brianna: 302-592-0820



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