Warm Bamboo Massage

Perfect for those who love to try new and exciting experiences. Bamboo rollers and curved bamboo tools are heated to roll away the tension trapped in your muscles. There is even a bamboo roller used to relax headache and facial tension.

This ancient technique has been adapted to our modern spa to combine deep-tissue massage and heat therapy. Some recipients of bamboo massage have described the experience as releasing a whole-body tingling or warming sensation.



Tanya Spiezio Tanya Spiezio
Tanya Spiezio LMT, has been a massage therapist for over 11 years. She chose massage therapy because she likes helping people. She specializes in the following massages: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy, Warm Bamboo and Warm Stone. She also knows Ear Candling and Active Isolated Stretching.
Tanya Spiezio
Tanya has been a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for 18 years, and has been practicing at Heather's Holistic Health since 2006. She has a strong love for helping others. She believes that the most rewarding part of her skill set is having a client come in with an issue, and being able to resolve or relieve elements of it by the end of the service.

Tanya specializes in a wide range of services such as Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Warm Bamboo & Warm Stone, Lomi Lomi Massage, Cupping, Active Isolated Stretching, and Ear Candling. Tanya is passionate about the art of massage, and the her clients well-being. She takes great pride in providing a unique experience for her clients, and tailoring her services to their needs.

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Bamboo rollers and curved bamboo tools are heated to roll away the tension trapped in your muscles.
Benefits of Massage:
  • relaxes muscles, can correct damaged muscles
  • improves circulation without increasing heart load
  • increases range of motion
  • helps obtain a feeling of connectedness
  • relieves pain from muscle tension, fractures, sprains, sciatica, and stiff joints
  • shortens recovery time from muscular strain
  • flushes lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes from tissues
  • stretches the ligaments and tendons, keeping them supple
  • stimulates the skin and nervous system while relaxing the nerves, and
  • helps reduce emotional and physical stress