November @ Heather's
Don't forget to treat yourself during this busy season!

Ahhh...Tis the season for caring about others! Treating yourself tends to fall by the way-side...which doesn't have to be the case! With our 30 minute massage, you can give yourself the care you need, without compromising anything on your to-do list!

30 Minute Massage
We understand that you're incredibly busy this time of year. Our 30 minute massage is perfect to squeeze in a little YOU time during the hustle and bustle!

Our Therapists use the 30 minutes wisely, targeting specific areas of the body that you may be having issues with.
Making an appointment is EASY!

The Gift of Wellness!
Purchasing gift certificates has never been easier! Head on over to our website, pick what gift certificate works best for you, and it will be conveniently emailed to you!

Yoga Schedule!
We are shaking things up at Heather's Holistic Health! Starting on November 6th, we will be offering a Tuesday Yoga class with our new teacher, Tamara! Make sure you follow our Facebook page for the most current updates about our classes!

Exciting things are happening on Small Business Saturday!
Supporting local businesses makes the world go round! We want to show our appreciation for your patronage this Small Business Saturday! Follow our social media to learn what fun activities and discounts we will be having on that day!

Heather's Holistic Health will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but will reopen on November 23rd with limited hours.



Thanksgiving Alternative

When you think of Thanksgiving; spending time with family, and indulging on a massive feast are typically the thoughts that come to mind. The mashed potatoes are piled high, and the turkey is slathered in salty gravy. Even though we love filling our bellies, using so much iodized table salt is not good for the human body! The salt is heated above 1200 degrees, which changes it's chemical structure and turns it into a toxin! They also contain aluminum, and anti-caking agents! Yuck! What if you could switch to a healthier salt, without compromising taste?

Premier Pink Salt is a flavorful blend of two pure sun-dried sea salts and contains more than 39 raw minerals! Pure Mediterranean Sea Salt mixed with Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt are naturally dense in trace elements that are vital to nutritious living. As always, Premier blends are free of excipients, and additives - allowing you to enjoy gourmet quality for the benefit of your taste-buds and body! The perfect alternative to use in your upcoming dishes!

Pure Mediterranean Sea Salt mixed with Pink Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt