Hypnosis & Weight Loss

Problem with Diets
They are a major change of eating habit patterns. The main goal is to achieve what we feel is that perfect size. Anyone who has been on a diet knows the powerful motivation you feel when you first start out. Then, as time goes on, the rate of weight loss slows down; you lose weight more slowly, and may even gain a bit. And suddenly, it isn’t quite as easy to stay motivated anymore. Hypnosis helps maintain the motivation for weight loss, keeps you feeling confident that you can achieve your perfect weight goal. After the diet, most of us just want to return to what we call normal eating. So the celebration begins, we reward ourselves with cookies, pasta, pizza, chocolate, etc. At this point, there often begins an upward weight trend which can recover all of the lost weight and even pick up a few extra pounds. (Example: Atkins diet, no carbs to every carb in sight). What if we could continue to eat foods that we enjoy? If you are struggling with weight loss, hypnosis can provide the extra motivation and enable you to escape the many food traps that get in the way of weight loss. Permanent weight loss occurs with a change in lifestyle, not through unnatural diets that are impossible to maintain.

Why do we overeat?
Overeating usually fills a need. Some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience. Others eat excessively to reward themselves or simply for self-entertainment. Some want to be noticed, feel a lack of love, to offset fear, overcome frustration, boredom, and stress or even to avoid sex.



The main goal is to achieve what we feel is that perfect size setting yourself free.
It's not the diet but our attitudes & thoughts!
Changing thoughts and attitudes of the mind can lead to major changes in our life. Our program will deal with such behavioral matters as establishing times, places and patterns for future eating, elimination of harmful habits and positive reinforcement for changing what our particular overeating problems are. During hypnosis, your food interests and tastes will be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods, for extra energy to start an exercise program, or to help eliminate craving foods such as carbs. chocolate and/or sugary teats. With HYPNOSIS clients desire and consume a much lesser amount of food without giving up their favorite foods and drink. Hypnosis can help clients feel more full, more satisfied after eating a small amount of a desired food, enjoying the quality, not the quantity.

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