Swedish is the most common technique used in massage consisting of light pressure and long gliding strokes. This technique offers simple relaxation for the entire body and is best for those new to massage or looking to decompress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is an application of slow, firm pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia to reduce pain or discomfort while promoting healing.

30 Minutes $55 / 60 Minutes $85 

Sports Massage

Designed for athletes to improve flexibility, endurance, muscle recovery, joint mobilization, and prevent muscle strain.

30 Minutes $45

90 Minutes $110

60 Minutes $75

60 Minute Couples $150

Warm Stone (30 Minutes/60 Minutes) $55/$85

Smooth, heated stones are placed on specific areas to ease muscle tension and damaged tissue throughout the body.

Warm Bamboo (30 Minutes/60 Minutes) $55/$85

Heated bamboo sticks are rolled over the muscle giving a more deep, firmer massage. The heat enables blood to circulate for quick release.

Pregnancy Massage (30 Minutes/60 Minutes) $45/$75

Our Pregnancy Massage is done Side-Lying for comfort, relaxation, and safety for mother and baby (Must be past the first trimester). We also offer a pregnancy massage table specifically for those who want to lay on their belly for part of the massage.

Reflexology (30 Minutes) $45

Stimulate the body's natural healing abilities by applying pressure to specific points on the feet. Reflexology promotes energy flow and releases tension throughout the body.

European Facial (60 Minutes) $85

Customized to match individuals' specific skincare needs using award-winning products from A Natural Difference.

Express Facial (30 Minutes) $45

Simplified European facial

Backial (60 Minutes) $85
A backial includes an organic scrub combined with sonic technology that sloughs off dead skin cells to allow the removal of toxins and clogs.

Dermaplaning (60 Minutes) $80
A small exfoliating blade glides across the face to remove dead skin and baby hairs leaving the face soft and smooth.

Derma-Supreme (90 Minutes) $150
Dermaplaning with a European facial

HydroJelly Mask (Add-on) $10
A jelly fruit or chocolate mask to cool and refresh the skin

Maxi Spa (2 Hours) $160
60 Minute Massage, Facial, Foot Masque, and hand treatment

Mini Spa (75 Minutes) $100
A mini spa includes a Facial, upper body massage, foot, and hand treatment.



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QRA Testing (90 Minutes) $125
Quantitative Reflex Analysis (QRA) is an effective way your body communicates your nutritional deficiency, organ support, and hidden infections through energetic testing.

Ionic Foot Detox (30 Minutes) $100
Ionic foot detox pulls toxins from the bottom of your feet.

Acupuncture (60 Minutes) $75/$40
Traditional Chinese medicine helps treat allergies, pain, addictions, infertility, and diseases and aids in weight loss. (Children's Acupuncture available for $40)

Ear Candling $65
Ear candling is a gentle removal of excess ear wax and debris by using a lit muslin candle to draw out unwanted material safely, such as ear wax.

Energy Work (Reiki/Chakra Balancing) $75
Positively recharging with the healing touch of energy balancing helps reduce stress and pain and release negative emotions.

Hypnotherapy $95
Hypnotherapy is a guided relaxation process that helps create a heightened state of awareness for reprogramming unhealthy subconscious behavior(s), including addictions.

•Traditional Bikini $35
•Brazilian Bikini $55 & UP
•Full face $45
•Back $50
•Upper Lip $12
•Under Arms $22
•Inner Thigh $25
•Cheeks $25